About us

About Phadebas

Phadebas AB is situated in Kristianstad, in southern Sweden.

Phadebas AB is a company that develops, manufactures and sells polysaccharide-based products for alpha-amylase detection and quantification. Customers are mostly found in the food ingredient industry, where quantification of amylase activity is important or at forensic laboratories where garments that has been on crime scenes are screened for saliva stains. Phadebas products are also frequently used at Universities and research institutes, where high precision and reliability is needed. Customers from all segments are found all over the world.

Once, it was the company Pharmacia that invented the Phadebas Amylase Test in the 1960’s, at that time used for diagnosis of acute pancreatitis in humans.



Our goal is to satisfy the requirements and needs the customer expect from our products and services. To our help we use the “Quality Management System” which is designed to ensure Phadebas AB’s ability to deliver products that meet current requirements and customer needs.

QMS is used to detect, correct and prevent errors and discrepancies. This way of working results in a continuous improvement of our products and functionality of them. To be sure that the QMS follows the latest regulations, quality audits are performed, both by internal and external auditors.


Quality Policy

  • Develop and manufacture products that meet customer requirements and specifications
  • Provide the resources that are appropriate for the efficient operation of the company
  • Establish quality requirements for suppliers