α-amylase is an enzyme that is present in many products and processes within the food and beverage industry. It is naturally present in many food ingredients whereas it is used as an additive in other processes. Due to its high affect on starch, the amylase activity must in many cases be monitored. The reason behind monitoring varies between ingredients; in some cases a high amylase activity is desired but in most cases a high amylase activity cause problems. As α-amylase degrades starch, many starch containing products may loose their texture if amylase is present. Phadebas Amylase Test is today used for quality control in a variety of subdivisions within the food industry. In 2010, the first Phadebas product targeted at one specific product within the food industry was launched; Phadebas Honey Diastase Test. Some of the Phadebas uses are further described under the links below;