Areas of Use

Phadebas serves many industries with various purposes. Amylase testing has many areas of use and the market is divided in the categories below with separate subdivisions. The reason behind amylase activity control differs and we constantly strive to investigate new markets and find new fields of use for Phadebas Amylase Test. Technical info about Phadebas and Amylase is found in respective section.

Phadebas was developed by Pharmacia, Uppsala, Sweden, and has been on the market since 1970. It was originally used as an In Vitro Diagnostic for detection of acute pancreatitis. Today Phadebas is no longer registered as an IVD and the dominating areas of use are Forensic Biology, Alimentary and Chemical and Research. For further information about the current uses of Phadebas and the different industries, please click on the sections below.