Privacy Policy

Below you find information regarding our handling and keeping of your personal information and our collection of behavior data regarding our visitors on the site.

What are cookies and why do we use them?

A cookie is sort of a small text file which the web browser store in a designated folder on your computer. A cookie stores, among other things, temporary information regarding your current visit to the web site and also stores some of that information to make your next visit smoother and simpler. For example we use cookies to be able to keep items in your shopping basket between your visits, in case you didn’t check out, but also to make log-ins and the checkout flow smoother. Other information that we gather is entirely anonymous and is only gathered in statistical purposes for us to be able to improve the web site over time and offer even better features in the future. No cookies set by the website,, contain any personal information about the visitor.

What information do we gather?

When you as a visitor decide to register an account with we store the data necessary for expediting orders, returns or any complaints and such communication. This is data you enter upon registration such as names, address, phone numbers, e-mail address and also IP-address. We never store any credit card information and we do not gather any additional private information on you. At the time of an order or a return, information on the ordered or returned products are stored, linking to your account or order with All banking and credit card information is handled by our payment provider, DIBS. For additional information regarding their privacy policies and information handling, please refer to their privacy statements. According to PUL (Swedish privacy act) and GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) you have the right to obtain any information we may have stored on you historically and if you consider any data wrongful or irrelevant you may request it to be amended or removed from our customer registry. Please contact our Customer Service for further information.

How do we use this information?

Customer data stored in our systems is used only to be able to expedite your orders and any returns, and in case you as a visitor decide to sign up for newsletters or other communication we also use your information to make relevant mailings. The information gathered through cookies during your visits to the site is used to improve your experience while visiting. The information is also used in statistical purposes to allow us to analyze and be able to improve the web site and your experience here.  No cookies set by the website,, contain any personal information about the visitor.

Third parties and customer data

Under no circumstances do we ever share, sell or trade any form of information regarding our customers to any third party for commercial benefit. The only cases we share customer information with third parties are when; 1. A customer places an order to be shipped using a courier, in which case we share customer name, mobile phone number, e-mail address and postal address with the transportation company in order to fulfill the delivery and notifications. 2. A customer signs up to receive newsletters from In that case the customer e-mail address is stored in our external mailing systems for electronic newsletter mailings but is still under our control and is never shared with other third parties beyond that. No personal data, other than the e-mail address, is submitted to the service provider unless the visitor have previously created an account with them, in which case that existing account will be used to link to the newsletter.

GDPR Information

For our full GDPR Privacy Policy, please read here.