Phadebas® Forensic Press Test – An overview

The Phadebas® Forensic Press test is used for detecting and identifying hidden saliva stains. The test is capable of locating saliva deposits on any item or surface, regardless of the type of fabric or material onto which the saliva was originally deposited. The methodology isn’t new, as it was originally developed by the actual Forensic Biology labs and has been implemented by hundreds of labs world wide.

Phadebas® Forensic Press Test – Quick Instructions

Step 1: Place item to be tested on a flat and clean surface.

Step 2:  Dampen Phadebas® paper with water. Cover testing area with Phadebas® paper, reagent side down.

Step 3: Trace an outline of the testing area on the Phadebas® paper.

Step 4: Cover the Phadebas® paper with a clean glass board. Weigh down the arrangement.

Step 5: Start a timer and observe the test frequently during 40 minutes. Record the time of positive reaction (distinct area of diffuse blue color).