Phadebas® Forensic CR

Phadebas® Forensic CR


Phadebas® Forensic CR

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Phadebas® Forensic CR contains 1 continuous roll of Phadebas paper of size 395 mm x 15 meters (15.5″ x 591″). This format gives you maximum flexibility to cut your Phadebas sheet in exactly the size and shape which is most suitable for your application.

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Q: Does Amylase of animal origin give rise to false positives in forensic casework?
A: Peter Lamb at the FSS showed that saliva samples taken from sheep, horse, cow, goat, pig, cat and dog did NOT yield positive results with the Phadebas Forensic press test. A quantitative determination of alpha-Amylase, using Phadebas tablets, revealed that Amylase activities in these animals were more than a 1000 times lower than in human saliva.